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Mr Spencer, who has twice been champion jockey, and Miss Turner, 27, regularly ride out on the Newmarket gallops for Michael Bell, one of the Queen's racing trainers.They are said to have become "close" – far too close in the eyes of Mrs Spencer – last year when the couple's marriage was already said to be going through a sticky patch.I can’t feel too despondent because I have two fabulous roles still to do for Race Tech as a commentator and At The Races.” 72-year-old John Mc Cririck was most forthright in his criticism, accusing the new producers of ageism as well as having strong words for the process of informing him about his demise.He said, “Naturally I am devastated at being sacked after covering betting, first on ITV and then Channel 4 for 31 years.Jim Mc Grath (UK) continues with race analysis, but Jim Mc Grath (AUS) is not kept on.Jamie Aitchison, sport’s editor at Channel 4 summed up how he saw the team, saying, “Being the new home of horseracing is a real privilege and I’m delighted to announce this carefully selected team of presenters and reporters, a mix of broadcasting heavyweights and racing experts.” It does look as though, with a new company with no experience of racing production taking over, they have gone for the safe and reliable front of camera team. The three major casualties, John Mc Cririck, Derek Thompson and John Major, woops - Mike Cattermole, were all clearly disappointed at losing out, and were also critical of the way in which they had learned of their dismissal, saying they were told only half an hour before Channel 4 revealed its team."Given the circumstances, we decided that Mike Cattermole would do the interview.Mike and Emma are co-presenting our flat racing coverage – they have been launched as the new faces of the new season." In the tight-knit racing world, where affairs and arguments between jockeys, trainers and owners are not uncommon, this is unlikely to be a unique problem.

He said, “I’m glad Jamie Aitchison finally had the balls to call me.They’ve obviously got a fantastic team of presenters and good luck to them.I clearly didn’t tick the necessary boxes but I’ve had a wonderful 13 years working on the programme and will miss my many friends, in front of and behind the cameras.A spokesman for Channel 4 confirmed yesterday that Mrs Spencer had declined to interview Miss Turner after she had won the Berry Bros & Rudd Magnum Spring Cup at Newbury last weekend."Emma would prefer not to interview Hayley – it is in the interests of both parties to avoid any unnecessary tensions," the spokesman said.

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