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Missing pages cut out of a quire show modern scholars evidence of ancient censorship, and the markings of the quire can show that books have been rebound or taken apart and "recycled" into new books.I consulted the following works while preparing this list.They would serve as a model for the young hunters, and tales of heroic hunts would reinforce the necessity of such journeys in spite of the personal anxieties about injury, death, and isolation from loved ones.Given the psychological and cultural weight of such tales, similar stories persisted through the agricultural revolution and the rise of recorded history, remaining central to our most important myths and our modern literature long after the original impetus faded away.

These performances eventually may have evolved into mystery plays run by guilds, falling outside the church's control altogether. in order to save his or her people from disaster, and the narrative of that journey frequently becomes the primary plot for the work.

But the operation goes terribly wrong and a couple of feds seeks protection at an ...

See full summary » Three smalltown friends looking to leave their troubles behind come up with a robbery scheme to fund their trip to the big city.

Q-TEXT: The term for a hypothetical ur-text or source manuscript that served as the source for the synoptic gospels (i.e., Matthew, Mark, and Luke), but which did not influence John.

The abbreviation "Q" comes from German : The study of arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, and music, which formed the basis of a master's degree in medieval education, as opposed to the trivium, the study of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, which in medieval education formed the basis of a bachelor's degree.

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This trek might last days, weeks, or even months, as they would have to roam far afield from settled areas to find the best prey.

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