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Keep in mind that Linked In was hacked in May 2012 so now we have a window somewhere between then and 2007.

So while regulated HFEA clinics - which charge £2,000 per cycle - screen all donors for STDs and hereditary conditions, 'free' sperm donation websites do not.'But she won’t know anything about his genetic background or if he’s been screened for HIV.It's been a crazy time for data breaches and as I wrote yesterday, we've seen a very distinct pattern of historical mega breaches lately.Let's find some stats on the previous year, for example this cart from Tech Crunch in Jan 2009: Here the ratio of Gmail to Hotmail starts out at about 1:2.5 in Oct 2007 and finishes at about 1:1.5 in Dec 2008.Now again, this is not to say that as of the end of 2008 My Space would have had 1.5 Hotmail accounts for every 1 Gmail account as they'd already had 6 years of accumulating Hotmail customers and only a couple of years of Gmail customers (at least since they went out of beta).

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Similarly, clinics protect the identity of donors until any child produced is 18, while the conditions of donation via free websites is entirely up to the co-parents.

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