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In this chapter I discuss students' political participation at crucial and important moments in Hong Kong's modern history, where it was most prominent and effectual, drawing public and governmental attention.

Issues are always seriously influential and publicly interested with their values or mass mobilizations.

It is probably due to reduced service accessibility in service utilization among LGBQ youth.

In addition, the possible inaccessibility of service caused by sexual orientation discrimination has not been explicitly addressed in the Code of Practice for social workers in Hong Kong, which guides the professional practice of social workers employed by service agencies.

Intention to Gamble Among Junior Secondary School Students in Hong Kong: Changes and Predictors Ch 12. Regarding demographic correlates of delinquent behavior, it increased across time and adolescent boys showed more delinquent behavior than did adolescent girls.

Promotion of Positive Youth Development and Family Quality of Life in Chinese Adolescents Query/clc/2074661PDF: While economic disadvantage did not predict delinquent behavior, family intactness was associated with delinquent behavior across three waves concurrently.

The aim of this chapter is to explain and explore the significance of student political participation in Hong Kong’s history since the 1960s.

Student social movements can take many forms, from harmonious social services helping community building to the other extreme – anti-governance political actions opposing state or government rulings.

It presents the profiles of quality of family life (family functioning, parental behavioral control, parental psychological control and parent-child relational qualities); personal well-being (positive youth development and life satisfaction measures) and adolescent risk behavior (substance abuse, delinquency, self-harm and suicidal behavior and behavioral intentions to engage in risk behavior) in different adolescent populations across time.Perceived Family Quality of Life, School Competence, and Academic Adjustment Among Early Adolescents in Hong Kong Ch 6.Subjective Well-Being of Early Adolescents in Hong Kong Ch 7.A Longitudinal Study of the Personal Well-Being and Family Quality of Life Among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong Ch 3.Positive Youth Development in Junior Secondary School Students: Do Gender and Time Matter? Parental Behavioral Control, Parental Psychological Control and Parent-Child Relational Qualities: Relationships to Chinese Adolescent Risk Behavior Ch 5.

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