Outlook resource calendar not updating

Appointments, meetings, and events share a number of similarities.

All have a start and end date and time, a subject, and a location.

Outlook calendars allow you to create appointments, events, and meetings with others.

You can have multiple calendars for different purposes, import calendars from other email providers and services like sports teams or professional organizations.

Your exchange calendar will be updated, and a progress bar indicates the status after "Send/Receive" in the Outlook status bar.

Alternatively, click the "Send/Receive All Folders" button, or press "F9", to update all folders configured in Outlook. Enter a date and time into the fields next to "Start Time" and "End Time" to schedule the appointment.

On the left side of the screen, right-click My Calendars. You can specify a name and location for your new calendar.

Once you click OK, the new calendar folder will appear next to your existing calendar folder.

Meetings are appointments or events with other attendees.For example, you can enter "Today," "Two Weeks from Tomorrow" or the date in any recognized format such as "1/1/2015." Clicking the calendar icon enables you to select a date from the calendar.Alternatively, you can set the date and then check the box next to "All Day Event" to change the appointment into an all-day event. Click the "Show As" drop-down menu in the Options group of the Appointment ribbon, and then select how your time will be marked on your calendar.From your Calendar folder, select New Appointment, New Meeting, or click New Items and choose All Day Event to get started.For more information, see Create or schedule an appointment, meeting, or event.

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By default, your calendar is updated in Outlook whenever you have an active Internet connection to send and receive your exchange folder information.

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