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But it’s also a logically flawed move: it pretends that we are denying a group of people equal access to an institution, when in fact the members of that group have always been free to enter that institution, yet since they have no real interest in doing so, are now asking to create a new institution in its place. That depends on whether all the premises in the argument are true.Let’s take a look at the first premise: “What is natural is good.” Is that true?He also said he would consider appointing justices to the Supreme Court who would favor reversing the decision and leave the issue of same-sex marriage to the states. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church said Monday that laws legalizing same-sex marriage are as immoral as those passed by Nazis in Germany.Skin color is natural in this sense—it follows directly from the skin color of our parents.Same-sex attraction may also be natural in this sense (although that has yet to be proven), and I am willing to grant it for the sake of argument.

"It matters who’s leading the country, and it matters if they care," said Maloney, whose Hudson Valley congressional district includes all of Putnam and Orange counties, part of northern Westchester County and the southwest section of Dutchess County. Trump through the years The earliest reference from Trump on the issue that we could track down is an interview in .So let’s move on to our next premise, “what is natural is good.” That seems reasonable, because having two arms and two legs covered with skin is good, and so is walking with two legs.But if we think about it carefully enough, we run into a problem.It is far from the first time the head of the Orthodox Church—which includes more than 70 percent of the Russian population among its followers, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center study—has made controversial comments about same-sex marriage.In an interview with RT last year, he said that “this new trend poses a significant threat for the existence of the human race,” before adding: “Our prayers and our work are so that humanity lives on and follows the principles dictated by our moral nature.”In 2013, Kirill said that legal recognition of same-sex marriage was a “very dangerous sign of the apocalypse.”In Europe, 13 countries legally recognize same-sex marriage, as does the United States.

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