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Other marchers sported fake baby bumps, brandished signs declaring the Gloucester teens “pregnant tramps,” and pelted bystanders with candy and condoms.

The float was a hit with the parade committee, which awarded one of the teams second place in the annual competition for best float.

Opponents battling to shut down the parade for good are lobbying sponsors to pull out.

Meanwhile, the float-making faithful are sticking to their guns, prepared to march no matter what.

Major media outlets from New York to Tokyo trained their attention on the small fishing town with breathless curiosity and considerable handwringing.

Thrust into the national spotlight in a new age of political correctness—a time when universities ban controversial speakers and . It didn’t take You Tube long to deem the parade footage sufficiently “inappropriate” to remove it, relegating it to the likes of Live Leak, an anything-goes website best known for hosting clips of terrorist beheadings and car wrecks.Ever the diplomat, then-Beverly Mayor Bill Scanlon wanted to believe that the Horribles Parade would clean up its act, speculating publicly “it will probably take care of itself.” And for a few years, it did.The world largely forgot about the controversy, and the Horribles returned each July—although it hadn’t exactly cleaned up its act.It hit the top of the flag high and hard, at ferocious speed, and dropped straight down into the hole. ’My mind drifted back to a quote from Neiman: ‘I’d rather die drunk, broke at 34 and have people at a dinner party table talk about me (and my shot at the 15th at Oakmont) than live to be rich and sober at 90 and nobody remembered who I was.’I was having my hair cut in Beverly Hills this afternoon when I was approached by a very excited, middle-aged American woman.‘It IS you, yes? Dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s legendary Polo Lounge.It was one of the most outrageous flukes I’ve ever witnessed, and sent Mr Teller, 30, into the kind of uncontrollable ecstasy his Whiplash character Andrew Neiman experienced whenever his tormenting tutor Terence Fletcher offered him a rare crumb of praise.‘Now I know what you mean by “up and down”,’ I laughed as I congratulated him.‘Piers, don’t EVER watch me play another shot! ’ she asked.‘It is, yes,’ I replied, apologising to my crimper Ben for this impromptu fan interruption.‘I love your books…’ she said, breathlessly.‘Thank you.’‘And, of course, your television work…’‘Thank you.’‘AND your movies…’Ben’s ears perked up.‘Movies? As I walked in, I spied Gordon Ramsay’s familiar spikey blond mullet peeping out of a booth.

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