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But just because I hate them, doesn’t mean they’re bad. It drives me absolute BONKERS when I see reviewers say books are BAD when really what’s going on is that they just don’t like them.

There’s a difference between quality and preference.

So famous Richard Rahl, Lord of D’Hara and lover of Kahlan, at the end of the last book declared himself ruler of the known world or whatever, you know, for people’s safety.

Men are only cut in half before they die; women are raped, have their bodies (read: breasts) mutilated, are raped while bleeding after being mutilated, then they die.

It’s nauseating, and shocking when you realize these books are for immature boys (I refuse to believe he wrote slow-motion violence for adults to read) which explains why all those morons I lived in a dorm with loved the series. Kahlan and Richard almost get married, but something makes them split up, and then Kahlan almost gets raped, Richard does some shit by running around with roid rage powers and they miraculously do what they need to and then almost bang but something makes them split up and then Kahlan almost gets raped and Richard used Strength and it was super effective and the bad guy fainted and then they reunite in time for the new bad guy to show up…. Obi-Wan Zeddnobi, Adie the bone witch, Verna the Sister of the Light, Ann the Prelate.

He pretends to be the leader of a group of healers, a “nice guy” who is out to protect people and live down his awful father’s reputation.

And then the first thing he actually does completely wipes that from your head.

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Goodkind is not afraid to show his readers just what evil *really* is, that is, most often, people who perform acts of evil feel justified in their minds as to why they are doing so, if for illogical reasons, and will that those that oppose them are the evil ones.

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